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Dec 1, 2012 9:00pm PST
gregory suhr. and director of office of civil complaints miss joyce hicks. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to our san francisco police commission meeting our first meeting in three weeks and this is our regularly scheduled community meeting. it's our opportunity to come to richmond station, and hear from the residents, and to hear from captain ferrigno with her presentation and what we usually do in these meetings of the commissioners introduce themselves and tell you what they do in their day jobs and we'll have a quick agenda where we hear our normal reports. then we'll move into the main event, which is captain ferrigno's report and after that we'll have public comment. so hopefully we'll hear from the community about your concerns, but without further ado i will start with commissioner kingsley. >> thank you. thank you to captain ferrigno and roosevelt middle school for hosting and thank you to those who are residents who came out this evening to be with us and to let us know what is on your mind. because that is what it's all about. so thank you. i have been on the police comm
Dec 8, 2012 8:30pm PST
department. >> i know that the hour is late. i'm greg suhr, chief of police for san francisco. it is important what commissioner marshall spoke to earlier, and echo about the tragedy in kansas city. we are talking about the 22-year-old mother who was killed and leaves a three-month-old baby. that is with these conversations are about. even though we are in a staffing crisis, the mayor and the people who sit on these chairs will address this but we are still down about 300 officers. thank you for your comments and the material beverly upton who keeps moving around back there. concerning our most vulnerable. in october we built a space in our most secure floor, behind locked doors, a place for children, and many of the folks behind me contributed to making it nice. everybody has been sitting together, we are altogether all the time anyway. in october, domestic violence, elder abuse, missing persons, juvenile violence, came together under one roof. a putting the human trafficking task force regional effort. even though we are in the middle of hiring 1000 officers over the next six years
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
investigation. chief suhr recognize importance of having advocacy groups located directly in the special victims unit. family can meet with investigators and have access to services in the system as they move forward. with the efforts of kathy black and -- svu has a children's room available which offers a safe environment for children exposed to family violence. child abuse is one of the toughest crimes for investigators. children are among the most vulnerable victims. thankfully there are those like kathy baxter who are constantly fighting for the prevention of child abuse. i believe partnership with outside agencies have allowed us to find justice during this complex investigation. another important component of svu is the -- unit. those members solely on internet crimes against children. the cases are complex and require persistent and dedication to identify and locate perpetrators who possess and distribute child pornography. we are only one of many law enforcement agencies across the region who actively participate in the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force.
Dec 25, 2012 12:00pm PST
school safety tactics have always been around, gets a refreshed training by everyone. chief suhr. >> thank you, mr. mayor. i want to start off by reassuring everybody that what you saw play out on television, however unimaginable it was, that the heroism and the courage of the teachers at that school and the actions of the officers to respond directly in was a product of training after the columbine incident in colorado. across this country, all law enforcement agencies have been trained not to wait when there is an active shooter, but to go in immediately. and you actually saw that play out on television. and i think that for them doing that coupled with the fact that the teachers did as they were trained, and secured in place versus evacuating those kids into the hallways, had what is a horrific tragedy as far as it went, being far less than it might have been as a result of that training. as the mayor said here in san francisco, we have also trained to that standard. and as we're going through a high right now where we'll pick up a thousand police officers over the next six ye
Dec 2, 2012 3:30pm PST
members of police commission, chief suhr, chief biel and esteemed members of community and director hicks, thank you so much for being here. i would like to take a moment to welcome you here to the richmond district and thank roosevelt middle school for allowing us the use of its facility and what better place than the center of learning for our youth. i would also like to take a moment to introduce my staff. over here i have lieutenant frank lee, frank can you wave? lieutenant una bailey. lieutenant deborah. sergeant cox. mark is our assistant district attorney, who we work very closely with and lorrie in the back. stephanie over here. did i miss anyone? we couldn't do what we do at richmond station without all of these staff members who are really committed. and all of the lieutenants that work at richmond station also do a lot community. frank has been coaching for years vanadium is the president of the lgbt group and not a day goes by that i don't get a mention of gratitude from the community for her service, so thank you for that. the richmond district is rich, we have a very diverse
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm PST
watching can be fully informed. while certainly, and again, thanks to the leadership of chief suhr, yourself, the lieutenant and others, the integration of these areas units seems to make so much sense. it seems there practical on a number of levels and certainly there are similarities and various types of >> what you to do atribute the tripling of the u visa application? >> maybe the trust was not there. sensitive the word spread that this process could be trusted. the advocacy groups helped. the district attorney. many people that considered to this, it was just a matter of time for people to trust the process and you will see the numbers grow if we are doing it right. it should continue to grow. >> of those applications, how long does it take for a decision to be made by the custom and immigration service and the percentages of approval . >> takes about six months; i cannot speak about percentages and of the 994 we have denied 20 of them based on background. please understand that the san francisco police department is not the only entity approving u visas. there are law-enforce
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
oficiales de policia de esa ciudad... take vo ---el jefe de la entidad greg suhr cree que si todos los agentes poseen una pistola de descargas electricas... se podrian salvar vidas que muchas veces se pierden por accidentes... ---en julio pasado la policia disparo y mato a un hombre que sufria esquizofrenia y que estaba armado con una navaja. cesar ---un volante que llego por correo a miles de residentes de san jose esta causando polemica.. take vo ---el aviso que fue enviado esta semana por la oficina de la auditora independiente del departamento de policia y en el se pide a los residentes a reportar a esa oficina cualquier queja en contra de la agencia policiaca... ---sin embargo, el lider del gremio policiaco cuestiona la forma y el momento en que se envio la misiva a los habitantes y que esto contribuira a disminuir aun mas la moral ya minada de los agentes por la falta de personal.. cesar ---un grupo de estudiantes quiere prohibir a los campaneros del ejercito de salvacion de la universidad de uc berkeley... take vo ---la asociacion estudiantil aprobo el mes pasado una resolucion
Dec 6, 2012 4:30am PST
public safety committee set to review the plan to arm some officers with tasers. chief suhr asked the commissioner august to arm the crisis intervention team with tasers as part of a pilot project. organizers are expected to speak out against that proposal they say it could be deadly. >>> some progress, still a long way to go in the efforts repair massive sinkhole in lafayette. now orinda is facing a sinkhole. alan wang has details. >> reporter: there's plenty of work to be done as the bay area starts to dry out. it took all day to trim this oak tree that fell on a home on powell drive in lafayette. tree cutters will be back and utility and construction crews will be back on month continue view drive which collapsed sunday night. several lines were snapped after debris clogged the culvert. >> they were working on the gasline, would going to restore power, ensuring that a temporary sewer line was in place. >> reporter: they began laying rocks in the creek bed. in orrin dat rains clogged a culvert and opened a sinkhole four feet deep. -- city councilmembers are looking for money to pay
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm PST
, maybe we'll do it another day but the chief suhr said oh, no, no. we have all these guns, we have to get them. >> the result is they gave out 157 notes promising money. that's $31,000 in ious due in four days. but the chief of police now says he has found the money and is expected to announce who it's coming from later today. >>> it's cold this morning. most people felt it and saw it. frost covered car windows there. drives in the north bay had to scrape off their -- drivers in the north bay had to scrape off their windshields. let's check with liz. >> like chicago around here! not quite. but we did have several freeze warnings in effect especially in the north bay. they have all expired by now about four hours ago but this is how cold we got this morning. 21st century in napa and petaluma, 25 in napa -- 20s in napa and petaluma, 25 in napa, breezing in concord, livermore 27. san jose 32. it was a little warmer in san francisco. but still hovering around 40 degrees. so we are slowly, very slowly, warming up all across the bay area. we are now in the 40s to seeing a few low 50s in fac
Dec 19, 2012 4:30am PST
suhr said no, we have all these guns. we have to get them. >> they ended up giving out 157 notes promising money. $31,000 due in four days but the chief of police says he found the money and he is expected to announce who it's coming from later this morning. >>> belmont police are looking for a suspect in a bank robbery. surveillance cameras captured someone robbing banks on ralston avenue yesterday. the man between 25 and 35 years old approached a teller demanding cash. the employee complied the suspect left. witnesses saw a silver sedan speeding near the bank but officers haven't determined if the car belongs to the suspect. >>> registered nurses plan to picket 21 kaiser permanente hospitals in northern california today. they are trying to draw attention to what they call inadequate staffing. kaiser officials deny that's the case. the picket lines are scheduled from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. today. >>> and people in san jose will finally get fluoride in their drinking water. yesterday, the santa clara valley water district approved a plan to fund the project aimed at improving dental he
Dec 21, 2012 4:30am PST
next month. mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr announced the first of its kind law. >> ammunition that has been designed especially by law enforcement for military use has no reason to be in our homes and on our streets. >> officials also want to require gun dealers to notify police of any who buys more than 500 rounds of ammunition at one time. mayor ed lee acknowledged it could face legal challenges but something has to be done to reduce violence in the city. some bay mayor leaders are calling on president obama to enact stronger gun control laws. they sent a letter to the president asking him to ban assault weapons and high capacity weapons. they also want a national background check system. 11 mayors signed the letter. >>> key state lawmaker is calling for an expansion of -- state senate pro tem darrell steinberg is sending a letter to vice president joe biden who is the leader of a task force. proposition 63. >>> traffic on the internet could plummet in two hours from now. gun control supporters have created a website calling for a web blackout at 6:30 this mor
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
. police chief greg suhr had asked the commission to approve the devices for officers who have completed the appropriate training. the dow salon be given the 5 percent of his officers will help the escalates its dangerous situations. >> san jose as a delegate are sharing pilot program with the car through the downtown and midtown area. the program as an attempt to slow global warming continue its green goals. san jose's city council for the pilot program for up to 20 cars. the 18 month program lasts until march 2014. if this succeeds the city's department of transportation will look to expand a program for residents threw it out san jose. i live look at the james lick in san francisco all is clear commute and weather wise. >> a reminder of new year is live on kron4 we will show you fireworks all around the bay and around the world. it is the only local and live new year's eve show. it starts 1130 on december 31st. thousand people are expected at pearl harbor to mark the 71st anniversary of the japanese attack that killed more than 2400 american troops and pull the u.s. in world
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
violence. san francisco mayor ed lee and greg suhr introduced the first of its kind legislation. it focuses on ammunition. making it illegal for nonpolice officers to have hollow point bullets. >> ammunition that has been designed especially by law enforcement for military use has no reason to be in our homes and on our streets. >> officials also want to require gun dealers to call the police if anyone buys more than $500 rounds of ammunition at one time mayor lee acknowledged that proposal could face legal challenges but says something has to be done to reduce violence in the city. >>> 6:56. pg&e customers will see their bills go up to pay for improvementslated to the 2010 gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. state regulators have approved a plan for a two-year rate increase that is expected to bring in $299 million. the funds will be used to replace and upgrade hundreds of miles of gas transmission lines. the 2010 explosion in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> they blew up our town. they killed eight people and the commission today is gifting them on a profi
Dec 21, 2012 5:00am PST
. mayor ed lee and greg suhr introduced it yesterday. the proposal focuses on ammunition requiring gun dealers to notify police of anyone who buys more than $500 rounds of bullets at one time. >> so we cannot only track those people that are buying ammunition but frequency of purchase. >> the other part of the proposal makes it illegal for nonpolice officers to have hollow point bullets which can cause more serious injuries. mayor ed lee acknowledged the legislation could face legal challenges but says something has to be done to reduce violence in the city. >>> time now 5:57. around the country people are lining up outside stores waiting to buy a new shoe. the new air jordans. and it has been wild out there in some areas. police in alabama used pepper spray to control shoppers at one mall. there was a fight ecial band th later to it will you boy shoes. they sell for $185. >>> 5:57. we want to check in with sal. see what is happening on the roads. and the rain of course will play a role in the commute. >> it could. it's already raining in the north bay. you have mentioned the shoes
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
chief greg suhr of the san francisco police department. good morning. >> good morning. we were just talking about this buy back. it was quite an event. >> it was big. i think it was significant especially the day after the tragedy. >> how many weapons did you guys bring in, 296 and still counting? >> no. we got 296 and now we're planning another buy-back for january so we will still be counting. >> and 300 over in oakland. >> yeah. >> any surprises? >> i just think the sheer volume. you can see some of the guns now. but pouring down rain nobody left everybody stayed. people took ious when we ran out of money, we'll cash those out today. just i think everybody wanted to get guns out. >> you and the mayor got together as we see here to outlaw certain guns in san francisco. the assault ones. and hollow point bullets, as well. now, what's that really going to do on the street? is that really going to affect crime or is this something that's sort of a political reaction? >> i can tell you that the gun that killed isaac espinosa would have been banned. the gun that was used in connecticut
Dec 9, 2012 8:30am PST
for some officers to carry stun guns. we turn to former mayor wile brown and police chief greg suhr. first question to san francisco's top cop - have u ever been tased? . >>> well, we turned to former mayor willy brown and the police chief regarding the debate on stun guns. our first question to the top cop was, okay, have you ever been tazed? >> when he was mayor, we looked at it ten years ago and i tried it. i am telling you, it works. >> reporter: why the objectionality the board? >> objection at the board? >> some people believe under every circumstance you can resolve the situation and you would never have to use a weapon to resolve yourself but that has not proven to be the case other time. >> what makes san francisco so resistant. >> i think the people of san francisco that object tasers are firmly of the opinion you would sell them, your fatal weapon, or you would use your taser every opportunity you have, every 30 seconds. >> reporter: is it right? >> i would say the tests over time nationally show that that is the case when you outfit an entire police department at the sam
Dec 23, 2012 8:30am PST
. plus - sierra drivers pulling overo install those snow chains. weather ad libs 07:07:43;12 suhr: anything gets..guns shouldn't be lyi around. and san francisco top's . >>> a big storm is pushing its way into the bay area. >> and a cold snow storm. which areas are hit the hardest and will it clear in time for christmas? we will let you know, coming up. >> if nothing else, guns should not be lying around. >> our number one cop sounds off with police chief greg sherwood and what he says need to be done about gun violence. >>> welcome. it is december 23rd. i am phil matier. >> and i am anne makovec. we have a warning to tell you about. this just came into affect. a flash flood warning in affect for sonoma county, including the city of petaluma, the western area of the county. there are several creeks and streams there, including the petaluma river. looks like there will be localized flooding. >> our particular concern is the point is willowbrook and pin grove park at the old redwood highway bridge, and willowbrook and stoney brook road. watch out. the warning is in affect until almo
Dec 21, 2012 5:00am PST
ammunition. sf police chief greg suhr will be onset to talk about the efforts with cbs 5's phil matier, that's coming up at 6:45. >>> north korea announced today it's detaining an american citizen. the north korean governors say pay john ho entered the country as a tourist back on november 3 and has confessed to unspecified crimes. the government is offering no other details but claims that the crimes have been, quote, proven through evidence. >>> it's 5:39 right now. a well-known olympian comes clean about her double life as a prostitute. >> news out of facebook, their new plan to charge to charge for messages. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, chicago jail has been captu early tuesday, two convicted >>> one of two men who staged a daring escape from a high-rise from a chicago jail is captured. early tuesday, two convicted bank robbers broke out of the metropolitan correctional center. officials say they punched a hole in the bottom of a window and used bedsheets to climb down about 20 stories. late last night authorities caught up with 37-year-old joseph banks. 38-year-old kent conley is still a
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
also said he and his friends were drunk. chief greg suhr says if it all turns out to be true, discipline will be, quote, swift and severe. >>> after years of abuse accusations, the sonoma developmental center one of the state's largest care centers for the severely disabled could lose its license. state taxpayers could lose tens of millions of dollars as a result. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee explains what's been uncovered and what the state is going to do about it. >> reporter: this facility houses patients who who need around the clock care. if the state revokes the license it could lose half the funding from the federal government. that's about $80 million. and if the facility can't prove that its patients are safe and not in jeopardy at all it could be closed forcing out hundreds. >> absolutely. i mean, people at sonoma investment al center and the other developmental centers are among the most vulnerable in california and while abuse is common with this population, it's absolutely shocking and it's troubling when their cases aren't handled properly. >> reporter: ry
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
up a new proposal next month to reduce gun violence. mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr announceled the first of its kind legislation yesterday. it focuses on ammunition making it illegal for nonpolice officers to have hollow point bullets which can cause more serious injuries. >> the ammunition that's been designed especially by law enforcement for military use has no reason to be in our homes and on our streets. >> city officials also want to require gun deemers to notify police of anyone who buys more than -- dealers to notify police of anyone who byes more than -- who buys over a certain amount. mayor lee something has to be done. >>> montrell blakely was gunned down in san francisco's bayview district last weekend while visiting his family. no arrests have been made in his killing. tonight's vigil for blakely regins at 7:00 at con-- begins at 7:00 at concord high school. his teams are also raising money for his funeral by selling christmas ornaments. >>> a driver has been detained by san francisco police accused of hitting a group of pedestrians near twin peek. one
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)